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Change The MOBOTIX Standard Password!

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MOBOTIX would like to remind its customers to change the standard password preset for MOBOTIX products. If customers do not change the password when operating the product for the first time, there is a risk that unauthorized persons might access the camera and change the password themselves. As a result, the camera can become unusable for customers, meaning that they will have to dismantle the camera and reset the password.
Many users of IT devices such as routers, game consoles or cameras make things unnecessarily easy for cybercriminals: They forget to change the standard factory default password preset at the factory, even though this is urgently advised in every operating manual. This makes it easy for third parties to access the devices using the known standard password.
It happens time and again that customers fail to change the standard password the first time they operate their camera, which makes their camera vulnerable to attack. Because of this, we would like to remind MOBOTIX camera customers to change the standard password configured as a factory default as described in our manuals, or using the initial operation configuration assistant. Starting from the time of initial operation, the customer will assume responsibility for the IT security of their video system, and therefore also assume responsibility for MOBOTIX cameras included in this system. 
Once you set a custom password, your video system or MOBOTIX camera is no longer vulnerable to attack

If you have forgotten to change the standard password and an unauthorized party has established access to your camera and changed the password, you will have to dissemble the camera and send it to MOBOTIX. The password can only be reset at the MOBOTIX factory. For security reasons, there is no hidden "back door" reset option.
Why Do I Need To Send My Camera To MOBOTIX For It To Be Reset? Why Can’t I Reset It Myself?
The camera must be sent back to MOBOTIX for resetting for security reasons. If the camera is stolen, the owner can report and register it as stolen to MOBOTIX. In order to use the camera, the unauthorized party would have to send it in to reset the password. In this case, MOBOTIX would recognize this camera as stolen thanks to the rightful user’s prior registration, and return it to its rightful owner.
Spare yourself the trouble of going through this entire process by changing the standard password to protect yourself from hacker attacks.


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